334 The Esplanade, Speers Point NSW

– Supplied custom linear lighting solution to a luxury real-estate project
– Completed: 2022
– Custom linear lighting


334 The Esplanade is a luxury residential development in Newcastle, Australia. The project aimed to set new standards for luxury and modernity in the area, and it achieved this by incorporating innovative lighting solutions throughout the property. The linear lighting was supplied by Lightcore and featured a range of dynamic and aesthetically pleasing elements.


High-End Residential Design: 334 The Esplanade represented a significant investment in high-end residential living in Newcastle. The project was known for its luxurious and contemporary design by Doring Design.

Record Sale Price: The success of the project was exemplified by its record sale price of $10M, a record-break in the Newcastle real estate market by Belle Property, reflecting the high demand for premium properties with exceptional design and amenities.

Innovative Lighting Features:

  • LED Strips: Our team supplied and installed LED strips throughout the property (including staircases and ceiling bulkheads).
  • RGBW Linear Lighting: The project incorporated colour-changing RGBW linear lighting, which added a dynamic and customizable aspect to the illumination.
  • Hidden Recessed Lighting: Specialized hidden recessed lighting was strategically placed between battens, creating a unique shadow effect that enhanced the overall ambience.
  • Dot-Free Strip Lighting: dot-free strip lighting was used to provide uniform and visually appealing illumination in bedrooms, kitchens, living areas, and stairs.

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Our team at Lightcore used the following custom lighting products to achieve the client’s desired lighting effects and enhance the ambience of different spaces:

  • Dot-Free IP67: This product was selected for specific areas, ensuring durability and performance in challenging conditions.
  • Dot-Free IP20: Used within kitchen and joinery spaces, this product maintained a sleek and unobtrusive appearance.
  • 5050 RGBW: For the bulkheads with colour-changing capabilities, 5050 RGBW strip lighting was chosen to provide versatility in lighting effects.
  • 1616 Corner Profile: For the indoor pool and spa area, we used our corner profile to wash the light out at a 45 degree angle.
  • 1607 Profile: Together with our dot-free IP20 in 4000K, we used this profile to create the illusion of sunlight penetrating through the walls to give that more natural lighting effect.


334 The Esplanade stands as a testament to innovative lighting solutions in the high-end residential development. The careful selection and installation of lighting elements not only enhanced the property’s aesthetic appeal but also contributed to its record-breaking success in the real estate market. The dynamic RGBW lighting, hidden recessed lighting, and dot-free strip lighting all played pivotal roles in creating an environment that epitomizes luxury and modern living. This project has set a new standard for residential design in Newcastle and serves as a showcase of what is possible with innovative lighting solutions in the industry.

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