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UQ Residences

– Supply alternative custom wall lighting and linear lighting to UQ Residences development
– Completed 2021
– Custom wall lighting, LED profile, LED strip


The UQ Residences project, located at the University of Queensland, involved a collaborative effort with various key stakeholders. Notable contributors included Nettleton Tribe (architects), WSP (engineers), McNab (builders), and Haynes Electrical (electrical contractors). The order was placed through Hayman’s Morayfield branch, a detail essential for linking purposes.


The challenge at hand was to provide cost-effective alternatives for specified wall lighting in the student accommodation building. This project represented a significant investment by the University of Queensland to offer high-end student housing, making it one of McNab’s most substantial undertakings.


In response to the specified expensive wall light, our team delivered a compelling solution. We provided a visually similar alternative while customizing the fitting to meet specific requirements. This included adding a clear lens on top and a frosted lens at the bottom to optimize light distribution. Additionally, we supplied all linear lighting for student rooms, as well as external lighting for pools and stairways.


Our cost-effective alternative not only resembled the initial expensive wall light but also led to substantial savings for the customer, totaling over $200,000. All deliveries were punctual, and Haynes Electrical commended our exceptional performance, emphasizing our reliability in a competitive market. The project’s success is encapsulated in a direct quote from the project manager, illustrating our commitment to meeting and exceeding client expectations. This case study demonstrates our ability to provide innovative solutions that not only save costs but also deliver on time, ensuring project success and client satisfaction.

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