The Quarter, Casuarina Shopping Centre

– Developed and supplied custom commercial pendant lighting solution to shopping centre
– Completed: 2022
– Custom pendant lighting, custom commercial lighting


The Quarter, Casuarina Square Shopping Centre in Darwin, Northern Territory, faced a long-standing challenge within its commercial quarter section. The existing commercial light fittings, including pendants and surface-mounted fixtures, had been plagued by frequent failures and poor-quality installations for years. The deteriorating lighting affected the aesthetics and also raised safety concerns, especially in areas with high ceilings. Sentinel Property Group, the owners of Casuarina Square Shopping Centre, approached Lightcore for our reputation of solving complex lighting problems.


Some fixtures required suspensions as high as four meters, and the quality of previous installations was subpar, with gaskets and inappropriate pipes. Finding suitable replacement products at reasonable prices had proven difficult, with initial quotes reaching as high as five to six hundred thousand dollars for the entire replacement project.


Site Visit: Our team at Lightcore flew to Darwin to assess the project’s scope, conduct a thorough review, and meet with property managers and electricians.

Product Sourcing: We sourced a custom commercial cylinder fixture that exceeded the capabilities of the existing ones. This new fixture had an IP66 rating, ensuring durability and performance in demanding conditions.

Innovative Design: The new fixtures were designed with both surface-mounted and suspended options. Metal rods were used to suspend the fixtures, with interlocking connections to hide cables and steel cabling added within the fixture to prevent falling hazards in case of fixture damage.

Our solution provided a more cost-effective and high-performing alternative to previous quotes. Sentinel Property Group was impressed with our team’s proactiveness and ability to deliver a fit-for-purpose product within a short timeframe. We delivered the full order within 8 weeks from when the purchase order was received, even during the peak production period leading up to the holiday season.


The new fixtures were functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a sleek all-black finish and a clean design. The rods used for suspension were supplied in 1500mm lengths, allowing for flexible installation heights.

The new lighting fixtures provided a stark contrast to the previous low-quality and poorly installed fixtures. The improvements were particularly noticeable in high-ceiling areas, where the new design eliminated unsightly wires and joints. The outcome greatly enhanced the overall illumination in the commercial quarter, ensuring both safety and visual appeal.

Following the success of The Quarter Casuarina Square project, our company continued to work with Sentinel Property Group on improving lighting in more of their shopping centres and investment projects. This collaboration reflects the trust and satisfaction gained through our innovative lighting solutions and efficient project execution.

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