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Marais Melbourne


The Marais project at QV Shopping Centre in Melbourne presented a straightforward yet urgent challenge. The electricians on the project had faced issues with their current suppliers and needed a substantial quantity of dot-free strip lighting promptly. Specifically, they required nearly 900 meters of 3000k dot-free strip lighting within a tight timeframe.


The primary challenge was the urgency of the project; it was one of the most time-sensitive requests for such a large quantity of LEDs. The client, a retail joinery professional in Australasia, needed the lighting solution quickly to maintain project timelines and ensure success.


Despite the urgency, the team rose to the challenge. They had the required stock readily available and delivered the 900 meters of dot-free strip lighting promptly. This efficient response showcased their commitment to customer satisfaction. The client, Alliance Australia, a prominent electrical contractor, used the strip lighting for retail joinery and various backlighting aspects within the project. Special connectors were sourced quickly to facilitate easy daisy-chaining of the strip lights, meeting the project’s specific requirements for a seamless installation.


The Marais project was a resounding success, with all aspects delivered on time. The project’s social media post highlighted the achievement, acknowledging the critical role played by Alleants Australia. The successful collaboration ensured that the luxury retail space at QV Shopping Centre was beautifully illuminated, meeting the exacting standards of high-end brands. Furthermore, the project was backed by Lawrence and Hanson, the electrical wholesaler, demonstrating a strong partnership and timely delivery. This case study illustrates how swift response, efficient sourcing, and collaborative efforts can overcome tight deadlines and deliver exceptional results in the retail sector.

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