CV Sign Tower

– Design, supply, instal custom solar lighting solution for tower signage for Brisbane City Council
– Completed 2022
– Bilboard lighting


The Carseldine Village Solar Signage Lighting Project is the illumination of an 8-meter-tall sign tower located in Carseldine Village, Queensland, Australia. The project was commissioned by Economic Development Queensland, representing the Queensland government, to replace the existing lighting system, which caused glare and uneven illumination.


1. The previous lighting system caused glare and uneven illumination.
2. The sign tower was 8 meters tall with four sides, situated at an intersection.
3. The project required a solar-powered solution with no access to conventional power sources.


To address these challengest, our team proposed and implemented a comprehensive solution that met the client’s requirements for even lighting without glare. The key components of the solution included:

1. Solar Power: We installed a solar panel at the top of the sign tower and integrated batteries into the base, ensuring that the entire lighting system operated solely on solar energy.

2. Custom Lighting Design: We conducted on-site testing to determine the optimal lighting configuration. Our team used external optic line linear bars with a 20-degree beam angle to provide precise and controlled illumination. These linear bars were custom-made in two-meter lengths to fit inside a durable IP67-rated profile.

3. Installation: We positioned four linear bars around the base and four around the top of the tower. The installation involved utilizing instruct support structures to mount the linear bars approximately 250 millimeters away from the sign tower’s surface, based on our on-site testing results.

4. Eliminating Glare: Our proposed lighting concept focused on eliminating glare and achieving uniform illumination for the entire 8-meter sign tower. This concept was presented to and approved by the Queensland government.


Lightcore has successfully transformed the sign tower’s illumination from uneven and glaring to uniform and aesthetically pleasing. Our innovative use of solar power, custom lighting design, and careful installation resulted in a dramatic improvement in the appearance and functionality of the sign tower, meeting the expectations of our client, Economic Development Queensland, and enhancing the overall visibility and appeal of Carseldine Village.

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