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Blackmans Bay

– Supply custom IP68 linear for bespoke toilets in Tasmania
– Completed 2021
– Pool lighting, IP68 Dlux


Our involvement in the Blackman’s Bay toilet block project in Tasmania exemplifies our commitment to crafting tailored solutions for unique settings. The project, as shared by the architect, involved multiple stakeholders, including the customer and the builder, making it a noteworthy reference for our portfolio.


The location, situated right on the beach with exposure to Tasmania’s harsh marine environment, demanded a heavy-duty lighting solution. To meet this challenge, we employed our specially designed and now called “Deluxe” (formerly “Influx”) IP68 heavy-duty linear lighting system, customized to suit the project’s specific requirements.


We supplied all sections of the lighting system precisely tailored to the project’s dimensions, including 20-meter tails and extrusions, simplifying installation for the electricians. The order was seamlessly placed through D&W Electrical and Data Supplies, a subsidiary of the electrical wholesaler MMEM, highlighting our collaborative approach with partners.


The bespoke lighting solution met and exceeded expectations, providing reliable and durable illumination for the beachfront toilet block. The project was not only visually impressive but also functionally reliable, with no reported issues. As a public space project, it stands as a testament to our ability to deliver effective and specialized lighting solutions. Advanced Electrical, a Tasmanian-based electrical contractor, was responsible for the installation, further enhancing the local connection and collaborative nature of the project.

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