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1613 diagram


Recess profile for seamless installations. Dot-free light output with PC diffusers. Available in white, black and alu trim. AL6063-T5 aluminium for efficient heat dissipation. Includes

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Super slim profile designed for recessed applications. Dot-free light output for a seamless illumination experience. AL6063-T5 aluminum profile ensures excellent heat dissipation. High-quality PC diffuser

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Super slim design, ideal for small spaces. Dot-free light output for seamless illumination. AL6063-T5 aluminum profile ensures excellent heat dissipation for prolonged LED life. Customize

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0812 application


Super narrow and thin profile, perfect for limited spaces. High-quality AL6063-T5 aluminum for efficient heat dissipation. Top-notch PC diffuser imported from Germany, ensuring clarity and

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0709 dimension img


Super narrow and thin recessed glare-free profile for tight spaces. Crafted from AL6063-T5 aluminum for excellent heat dissipation. Imported PC diffuser for unmatched quality and

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Experience the brilliance of our super high-density high-output LED RGB strip. Enjoy the convenience of custom lengths or 5m coils, providing versatile installation options. Seamlessly

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5050 strip img

5050 RGBW

High-output RGBW strip for vivid colors and classic warm/white effects. Available in custom lengths and 5m coils for ultimate flexibility. Compatible with a wide range

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da240rgb-24v-12mm img

3838 RGB 240L

Illuminate your space with this super high-density, high-output LED RGB strip. Available in custom lengths and 5m coils, it’s compatible with a wide range of

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3838 RGB 120L

Achieve high-density, high-output RGB lighting with this thin-line LED strip. It’s available in custom lengths and 5m coils and is compatible with a wide range

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8120 strip img


Illuminate long areas safely and easily with this LED strip light With a 30-meter continuous run, minimal lighting decay, and low-voltage 48V input, it requires

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