Why you should convert to LED down lights as soon as humanly possible (updated).

Up until now, a very common method of lighting homes and shops was to install halogen down lights.

However, this old school craziness must stop. There’s brand new technology on the scene.

Introducing LED down lights!

So why should you make the switch?


First of all, halogen down lights are incredibly expensive to run. A standard halogen lamp requires between 35 and 50 watts of energy, whereas an LED down light that does exactly the same job by using a 6 watt lamp.


Yes – 6 whats!

I mean watts…

There is nothing confusing about this situation!

Halogen down lights are simply much less efficient (and consequently, more expensive) than LED.

Second of all, you usually need several down lights to light up a room. The main functionality of down lights is that they are designed to emit a spotlight on a number of areas. So you are not just only using one incredibly wasteful halogen light – you are using several incredibly wasteful lights.

This not only creates expensive energy bills, but also emits way too many greenhouse gas emissions.

LED down lighting creates a much cheaper and more efficient solution when choosing this option to light up your area of choice.

Thirdly, we’ll let you in on a little secret…

When most people go to their local lighting retailer to buy LED lights – they are rarely told that in order to receive the full benefits of converting the LED they must also replace their existing drivers which have been powering their halogens.


Because they have been using a driver made to power a 35W or 50W down light and now they want to convert to a 5W or 7W LED down light. Simply replacing the light bulb will not do the job. More often than not, the existing driver will not work properly with the LED lamp. And even if it does, it will reduce the life span of the led lamp and also store up excess energy.

In other words, the power you think you are saving is actually still being consumed and stored by the driver. To receive the maximum results from your LED lamp, you want its’ consumption to be 80% of the driver’s capacity (so, if you are using a 7W lamp we will supply you with a 9W LED driver and so on). All Lighcore’s LED down lights are supplied with the correct drivers to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of your purchase.

So here’s what I want you to do:

Step 1

Have a look around the room and count how many down lights you have. Get your calculator out and multiply this number by 75 watts.

Then multiply the same number of lights by 6 watts.

Compare the two numbers and marvel and your brilliance for taking the first step towards saving a bucket load of energy.

(Note: these figures are approximate only. The exact number will depend on the type of lights you currently have fitted).

Step 2

Have a browse through our LED downlights range and figure out which down lights will suit your setting.

They come in several different watts, colours and shapes, depending on your unique requirements.

For example, down lights suitable for a bedroom are usually quite different to down lights for a shop display.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call on (07) 3162 1560, if you need any help figuring out what type of LED down lights you need.

Step 3

Quickly and easily order through our website or with a consultant over the phone and receive your LED down lights (often within the same business day).

Marvel again at your brilliance (doing this several times a day never did anyone any harm).

Step 4

Switch off all your halogen lights for at least 10 minutes to cool.

Remove the safety glass covering the down light by pushing it toward the bulb to release the clip or by removing the screws (specifications will depend on the model)

Step 5

Use a cloth to take the halogen bulb out of the holder and replace it with your new LED lamp.

Step 6

Replace the safety tempered glass: rest it on the clip while pushing it toward the bulb holder in order to make room for the glass to rest on the other end.

Step 7

Turn on the lights and marvel at your brilliance for making the switch to LED down lights once again.


Here are a few more reasons to choose LED downlights.

Thanks to the commentators below for chiming in with looks and lifetime I thought I would add two more…..

Gymnasium vision and Orbit

LED downlight applications and specsOrbit LED ceiling lighting with specs


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  1. lighcore / June 24, 2013 at 3:40 pm


  2. Beijing Yuji / September 14, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Don’t forget that LED lighting lasts many, many times longer! Typical lifetimes for halogens are about 3000 hours at best, LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours. In addition to the energy savings, you will save money just by not having to replace the halogens over and over during the lifetime of one LED light.

    • Jane Yang / October 8, 2013 at 2:47 am

      Great point Beijing Yuji!

  3. Jane Yang / October 8, 2013 at 2:49 am

    LED downlights are used in many of the homes I visit In Brisbane. I would have to say another reason to use them is simply aesthetic. The look great!