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Track lighting innuendo and twitter

Forget ‘Virginia is for lovers’. The new king of romance is LED Track Lighting, with ‘LED Track Lighting is for Lovers’ becoming the new mantra of an enlightened generation. As we speak, hundreds of thousands of shirts are being emblazoned with the bold new declaration of LED fueled romance, reportedly selling out in 75% of stores within the first two days. You may ask yourself, what is the link between LED track lighting and passionate love? We’ll try our best to explain it.
LED Track lighting is the Barry White of the lighting industry. The warm passionate glow produced by track lighting has been identified as the cause of an unprecedented population spike in areas frequented by its radiance. As local Melbourne resident Annabelle Van Zandt eloquently put it “LED track lighting just creates a magical atmosphere that really gets you in the mood. I’m not sure if it’s the dreamlike glow of the light, or the excitement created by knowing you’ve purchased an extremely efficient product, but my husband and I would never go back to regular lighting”. Wearers of silk kaftan’s everywhere are raging over this lighting aphrodisiac
Studies on LED track lighting have been carried out by some of the country’s top scientists, with the results confirming the enchanting effect of the lights. Adelaide’s Professor Rodney Zimmerman, head of the school of biomedical science reported that participants sexual arousal rate increased by up to 300%, markedly more effective than any drugs currently on the market. Other results include a 178% increase in overall handsomeness, a 204% rise in charisma, and a whopping 480% increase in knowledge of 18th century romantic poetry.
International Bachelor of the Year, ridiculously good-looking Italian actor/model Salvatorio Sforza acknowledged the connection between romance and track lighting. He had the words ‘LED Track Lighting is For Lovers’ permanently tattooed across his chest, stating that “it’s more than simply an efficient and versatile lighting option, it’s a way of life”.
LED track lighting has also become the first inanimate object to make the Times Magazine’s prestigious list of most influential people, joining household names such as Henrik Schärfe and Dulce Matuz.
The ambient glow of track lighting is reportedly now being used by celebrity couples worldwide to spice up their love lives, with couples such as Barrack and Michelle Obama, and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones admitting to the magical effects. At the time of publication track lighting had received further monikers confirming it’s ever-growing status, including the ‘Prince of Passion’, the ‘Raj of Romance’ and the ‘Mayor of Fun town’.


Life is better with track lighting it makes you feel a little bit special. TL has come a long way since the 80’s when it took the world by storm.

Contrary to popular belief  -made popular my that awesome 80’s flick steel magnolias..

Clairee Belcher: [quoting her gay nephew] All gay men have track lightin’. And all gay men are named Mark, Rick, or Steve.

Around here we are inclined to think track lighting is for people with an excellent sense of style!

The definition

lighting for a room or other area in which individual spotlight fixtures are attached along a narrow, wall- or ceiling-mounted metal track through which current is conducted, permitting flexible positioning of the lights.

The Track lighting debate revisited

On one side of the spectrum you have those who think track lighting hasn’t move forward since the 80’s (and probably should have been left there). On the other you have the enthusiast finding new applications for modern use. Then you have the undecided manifested in questions like…

“As a person who came of age in the 80s, I’m eager to stay far away from almost anything of that era. Even though I think it would work in my home, I have a bad attitude about track lighting. Should I get over it? Or is track lighting roughly the equivilent of buying a teal and mauve sofa with gold flair? That is to say, hopelessly, unforgiveably dated.”

These are the kind of excellent conversations that keep that track lighting debate going strong . Of course the link was found on twitter shared by (@HouzzDilemmas)

One of the answers from LBC lighting to the above question caught our attention..

Consider a monorail system, less bulky but just as versatile as track systems. It’s also flexible, so you can get creative with your layout.

Monorail track lighting

Monorail track lighting

Some of our favorites and a bit of track lighting banter

Twitter is a great place to get info from the pro’s don’t just use twitter to make fun of track lighting and for other light hearted banter please make the most of it for reaching out to subject matter experts!

Any references to track lighting being old school is an opinion of the tweeter which is not upheld by Lighcore Lighting. We have no problem with track lighting or any of the people who choose to adorn their homes with it 🙂

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