Renovating – Lighting tips to get a better selling price for your home

Lighting Tips with Dean BrosnanOwner of Lighcore sheds some light on renovations

 Lighting can be the most effective and immediate way to transform a property, and can instantly raise the value of a home.

Despite this, many of us are still in the dark regarding lighting, and the choices can seem overwhelming.

You might ask yourself…

What are buyers looking for in lighting?

Where should we spend our hard-earned cash?

How can we transform an area with lighting?

This week we were lucky enough to have a chat with lighting expert Dean Brosnan, owner of Lighcore Lighting. He answers all of your questions, and gives you lighting tips to maximize your sale value.

So firstly Dean – How important is lighting on shaping the appearance of an area?

Lighting is what makes a space, and is the easiest way to change how architecture appears. It is the decider between how a home or office feels and operates.

Ok great. So which lighting styles are currently popular amongst homebuyers?

For homebuyers, the most popular lighting style is almost always ‘down lighting’. Most people reselling their properties are doing things like changing their existing lighting to LED. This incentivizes the purchaser that bit more, as they are far more attracted to buying a sustainable dwelling. Homebuilders on the other hand are seeing a change here, with a mixture of LED strip, cabinet and down lighting.

How important is it to have a possible target demographic in mind, when adding lighting to a house you’re planning to sell?

I would say it is very important. If you’re selling a one or two bedroom apartment, then you’re likely targeting an investor or late 20s/early 30s professional or couple without children. Whereas if you’re selling a modern large home, it’s likely to a professional family. Here you’d want to think about adding ‘wow’ factors focusing on the kitchen, lounge room and balcony area. An effective and affordable way to add value is through strip lighting. Running it beneath kick boards, above benches, and along the ceiling area of the balcony will do this very well. Throw in the fact that all the other lighting has been changed to LED is the icing on the cake. If the demographic falls to a retiring population then cost savings are the focus, changing over all the lighting to LED will sell them without the extra add-ons.

How can lighting be used to enhance a fresh paint job?

The colour of paint will determine the style of light. If the walls are matte finished in red, maroon, yellow, orange then warm lighting will bring out the colour more and add warmth to the area. A semi/gloss finish in white or black then a neutral and day white will again bring out the texture and brighten the room indirectly through the reflection of light.

Which color lights would you recommend to renovators, to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers?

Definitely ‘day white’. People associate day white with healthiness, fitness and cleanliness. It is highly reflective – so if the dwelling has tiles, polished floors, granite bench tops and so on this will add sparkle to the home. It is also associated with new things…Like in a car show room.

Why do LED lights appeal to people looking to buy a property?

Because it instantly means they will be paying less on their electricity bills! It also means they wont have to worry about maintaining the existing lighting, or replacing/purchasing LED’s themselves.

What are some key areas of a property that can be really transformed by using well-placed lighting?

The entrance, the kitchen, the balcony/entertainment area, the bathroom, and cabinets.

If I’m on a limited budget, which basic lights should I prioritize and spend my money on?

On a strict budget, then change the common area lighting to LED (hall ways, lounge, dining, kitchen). These areas are used more than the bedroom, and are therefore valued more by potential buyers.

What sort of outdoor lighting is most sought after by prospective buyers?

It depends on the style of house. I would say flood lighting at the entrance/garage points of a home. These can really impress would-be buyers.



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