About Neue

The first thing people notice about a room is its ambience. It is so easy to give a personality to a room with the right lighting. Yet, light is something that many of us take for granted.

We founded Neue to bring new ideas and more innovation to the lighting industry, while collaborating with people on exciting designs and educating them about the importance of lighting in design.

Neue’s approach is to challenge the conventions of what many mainstream lighting companies do. It’s all about collaboration – working together to create unique and very personal creations.

That is why Neue works with a globalised network of designers in the development of Neue’s bespoke collection of exquisite lighting products, as well as offering clients the ability to work with industry leading lighting designers to create their own unique designs.
Both through products and in project collaborations with our clients, Neue’s focus is on new ways of thinking that deliver the perfect combination of sustainable, beautiful and innovative lighting that best fits the space.

We invite you to browse the Neue website and catalogue to see some of the many inspirational ideas Neue has to offer. Should you have any questions or queries please get in touch.Having reached out to internationally recognized suppliers, Lightcore offers clients a unique selection of technically advanced and design savvy LED luminaires.

All products offered by Lightcore have been vigorously tested to ensure outstanding performance and longevity.To find more products and ideas, please take a moment and look over the Lightcore website. If you have any questions please contact us. One of our illuminated thinkers would love to help you.