Question: Can I use the lights outside?
Answer: The majority of our lights are rated IP44, IP55, IP65, IP66, IP67 If the product you’re purchasing has an IP rating ≥44 means it can be used under eaves and in outside areas that are protected from direct rain to IP67 which allows the fitting to be completely submerged in up to 1000mm of water. Fitting with an IP rating >55 are ideal for exposed use.
Question: Will I get the same light levels from Lightcore LED down lights as I will from 50W halogen globes?
Answer: Yes. According to the Australian government's Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, the average halogen globe emits 720 lumens of light. Our fully integrated fittings generally surpass the brightness of premium 50W halogen lamps.
Question: Can I still buy Lightcore products which have been out-dated?
Answer: Lightcore holds limited stock of these products for warranty and extension purposes. Large orders are possible but will have lead times.
Question: What is the availability of the Lightcore product range?
Answer: We stock most of our products in order to offer same day shipping around Australia and the world. Lightcore also lists and offers products which are project specific, which means they’re not always in stock, so please check product availability when placing your order.
Question: Australian and New Zealand wiring standards for halogen downlights require a heat can, do Lightcore LEDs require the same treatment?
Answer: No, Lightcore has specified that an average clearance of 20mm must be maintained in all directions between the luminaire (the heat sink) and any material with insulating properties in accordance with the current Australian/New Zealand Standard for Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007).
Question: Where do your products come from?
Answer: Almost all of our products come from branded suppliers, mainly German. To remain competitive these brands, such as Reprofil, control manufacturing in Asia with strict quality control staff. If you would like more information please ask.
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